Fall Season is Deer Browse Season - Here's What You Need to Protect

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Deer Browse damage

08/20/2016 - It's crazy to think about we're talking about the fall season which is a confirmation that summer is coming to an end. Most flower gardens have shined their brightest and past their peak. Vegetable gardens are being plucked frequently to keep up with the ripened fruits of our labor and therapeutic pastime. 

Now it is time to start thinking about protecting valued and expensive landscaping shrubs, bushes and trees. The fall represents a period of time when natural vegetation begins to die off forcing animals such as deer to wreak havoc on homeowners cherished landscaping. There are some varieties of shrubs, bushes and trees that are entirely safe. There are also a large segment that will take a direct hit of deer browse damage this coming fall and winter. The unfortunate thing is that some people don't realize it is even happening to them. Take for example the image above that was kindly provided by Deborah Silver at Some think this is a natural state of arborvitae's or a very well performed trim job when in fact what you're seeing is a classic case of deer browse damage. Deer love arborvitae!

Aside from arborvitae, there are other popular homeowner shrubs, bushes and trees that are also favorites of deer? The following is a list of a few of the most popular to not only deer but homeowners as well.

Yews, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Firs, Juniper, Dogwood, Holly, Oaks, Maples, Mountain Laurel, Hemlocks, Cherry Trees, Apple & Pear Trees.

There are a variety of ways to protect your landscaping and we of course recommend spray repellents. When using a spray repellent, it is important to protect new growth. It is also important to rotate the scent of the repellent every 90 days or so. Rotating scents is another topic that we will get into next.

This post is written by Natural Armor, an independent, family-owned and operated manufacturer all-natural animal repellent. Our animal repellent is used by homeowners and landscaping professionals to protect flowers, vegetables and landscaping as well as get rid of unwanted animals. 

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