A True Story - The Creation of Natural Armor



Natural Armor has always been a family-owned and operated business that started in 2000.

Today we manufacture a full line of various all-natural products. They include; Natural Armor All-Natural Weed & Grass Killer, Natural Armor All-Natural Vehicle& Engine Protection, Natural Armor 20% & 30% Home and Garden Vinegar, Natural Armor Stick & Stay Weed Killer Enhancer.

In the near future, we will be introducing all new products!

Our story starts with our 1st product which was Natural Armor™ All-Natural Animal Repellent created deep in the suburbs of Northwest CT. It was created by a regular homeowner and a friend named "Pepe", who were tired of having plants, shrubs and vegetables consistently damaged year after year by animals, especially deer. In short, it was a "pet peeve" that needed addressing. After unsuccessfully trying all of the readily available products claiming to prevent animal browse damage, this story became a classic "If something has to be done right, you have to do it yourself" scenario.

After using all the products available plus researching numerous University studies on preventing damage, Natural Armor™ All-Natural Animal Repellent was invented. It was determined that Putrescent Eggs (rotten eggs) and garlic were effective deterrents but these were the same ingredients all the other unsuccessful products contained. It simply needed to be improved. Additionally, all of the products available consistently washed off causing the need for constant and costly reapplying.

The breakthrough: The breakthrough came when a study was published in 2000 that rated the amount of damage to numerous annuals, perennials and herbs. What was discovered was herbs such as Rosemary, Peppermint, Mint and Thyme had the least amount of damage (if any). These also happen to be highly recommended "animal resistant" plants. It was also discovered that these herb scents were available in powerful essential oils.

Let it be known that Natural Armor™ All-Natural Animal Repellent was the first to include essential oils in an animal repellent. 

We believe we have one of the best and most complete product offerings available on the market today.

Thank you for your time.