About Natural Armor


Natural Armor™ is a family-owned and operated business. We compete against longtime producers who are large, multi-million dollar corporations with significant marketing power. These large corporations have the ability to put small businesses, including Natural Armor, out of business. Even though we have a smaller marketing budget, we always believe that it's our dedication and passion that helps us continue to deliver our high-quality repellent to the market.

Personal Service: We’re Real People.
An actual person will always answer your call. We can be reached directly at 866-970-8929 or email:

Easy To Do Business With
We work hands-on, day-in and day-out making product, packaging, shipping and every other function necessary to run a successful business. We will always be consistent and there when you need us. We know that our customers are our lifeline.


Natural Armor™ is a manufacturer of all-natural problem solving products. Our product line is for indoor & outdoor use. 

Natural Armor All-Natural Weed Killer is an all-natural alternative to traditional weed killer products that contain Glyphosate. Also try Natural Armor Weed Killer Stick & Stay, a weed killer enhancer to maximize the effectiveness of any weed killer, concentrated vinegar or herbicide.

Natural Armor 20% & 30% Home & Garden Concentrated Vinegar is used for indoor & outdoor purposes including gardening, deodorizing, cleaning, dissolving, neutralizing and disinfecting.

Natural Armor Vehicle & Engine Protection stops & prevents mice/mouse, squirrels, rats that get in and destroy your vehicle or engine compartment by eating, chewing and damaging electrical wiring, hoses and even brake lines! especially electrical wires considering some vehicle manufacturers use soy coatings on wires and this is an attractant to rodents! 

Natural Armor All-Natural Animal Repellent is an indoor/outdoor, animal repellent that repels based on scent. Indoors it is used for rats, mice, chipmunks and squirrels. Outdoor, it is used on landscaping, flower beds as well as sheds, crawlspaces, attics and other outdoor areas.

All Natural Armor products are eco-friendly and safe around people, pets and the environment because they do not contain chemicals or poisons and are bio-degradable. 

100% Money Back Guarantee. 
If for any reason you’re not satisfied with Natural Armor, simply return the unused portion within 30 days for a refund. 

Thank You for using our product and supporting our small company!

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