The Proper Way To Use Spray Repellents

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Before You Shake & Go, WAIT!!!

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AH! You just received your order of animal repellent spray. Now you're ready to spray all of those flowers, vegetables and valuable landscaping and protect them from deer, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and more. Or maybe you're about to put down a spray barrier to stop cats from using your garden as a toilet, keep animals from urinating on your lawn and stopping animals from climbing all over your lawn furniture or bird feeder for that matter. Or lastly, and worse, you're about to go and evict an animal that has recently taken up residency in your attic, basement, crawlspace or even under the hood of your car!

But before you head off on your personal quest there are some important tips that you should know.

1. Always shake your product very well. Regardless of whether you're using Ready to Use or Concentrate. There are various ingredients that naturally separate while standing. These ingredients need to be mixed well because they rely on each other. Furthermore, this will also assist in preventing your trigger or hose sprayer from clogging.

2. If possible, always try to spray in the evening. 

3. Always apply to dry surfaces or the product will not adhere as well.

4. Allow 20-60 minutes of drying time.

5. Apply to all leaves, branches, stems and trunks. Important: make sure to also apply to underside of leaves as well. Untreated means unprotected.

6. When finished, remove sprayer and clean and rinse thoroughly with water to prevent clogging.

This post is written by Natural Armor, an independent, family-owned and operated manufacturer all-natural animal repellent. Our animal repellent is used by homeowners and landscaping professionals to protect flowers, vegetables and landscaping as well as get rid of unwanted animals. 

Natural Armor Animal Repellent contains some of the highest active ingredients and has shown to be better than 17 competing products available. Natural Armor Animal Repellent can be used for deer, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, armadillos, rats, cats and dogs. Natural Armor also comes with a free sample of Wilt-pruf and also contains Down To earth Liquid Bone Meal which is a known fertilizer. - 866-970-8929

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