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Estimated US Population: Unknown.

Short Description: Four-legged mammal. The nine-banded armadillo is typical in the US, primarily Texas and the Gulf Coast states but can be found as far north as Missouri. Armadillos prefer warm, moist climates, and thrive in forested areas and grasslands.

Problems Caused:

  • Destruction of lawns, gardens, trees (due to dead roots), sidewalks and buildings as a result of Armadillo’s never-ending search for insects and grubs.
  • Carriers of the bacteria that causes leprosy
  • Carriers of tapeworm and salmonella, transmitted to humans through fecal matter

Armadillos have sensitive noses. Anything with a strong, noxious odor can help evict an armadillo.

Keep Armadillos Out & Away with Natural Armor™ The All-Natural Animal Repellent.


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