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Keep Dogs Out & Away with Natural Armor™ The All-Natural Animal Repellent

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Dogs - (Domestic & Stray)

Keep Dogs Out with Natural Armor Animal Repellent


Estimated US Population: 70-80 Million

Short Description: 4-legged, carnivores of many breeds closely related to the grey wolf. Mostly kept as pets but also used for assistance, work or sporting.

Problems Caused:

  • Vehicle accidents.
  • Urinating and defecating in houses and yards.
  • Carrying and harboring fleas.
  • Temperament problems.
  • Obsessive barking and howling.
  • Potential carrying and spreading of rabies.
  • Animal control expenses for shelter, care and feeding for abandoned dogs.

    Keep Dogs Out & Away with Natural Armor™ The All-Natural Animal Repellent.

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