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Estimated US Population: Unknown. But estimated at 1.3 to 8.3 raccoons per sq. mile.

Short Description: Four-legged and omnivorous wild animal. Most raccoons are wild, even heavily discouraged, some keep them as pets although they are not domestic in any way. Raccoons thrive in sparsely populated wooded areas. Trees and rock crevices are ideal for raccoons as sleeping, winter and litter dens. Raccoons will also use underground holes dug by other mammals.

Problems Caused:

  • Damage to attics and will tear up insulation on pipes, rip the insulating paper off the wall, chew on wires
  • Can cause urine and feces contamination. Baylisascaris is an infection caused by a roundworm contained in raccoon excrement and if ingested by humans can cause severe damage to the nervous system or death.
  • Can carry the rabie virus
  • Cases of killings of domestic cats and dogs have been reported as well as attacks on targeted pets owners
  • Killing of livestock such as birds and ducks
  • The typical overturned garbage container

Solutions: Loud noises, flashing lights and unpleasant odors have proven particularly effective in driving away raccoons.

Keep Raccoons Out & Away with Natural Armor™ The All-Natural Animal Repellent.

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