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Keep Skunks Out & Away with Natural Armor™ The All-Natural Animal Repellent

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Estimated US Population: Unknown Primarily North America Only.

Short Description: Four-legged, omnivorous mammal with black-and-white-striped fur. Squirts a spray of strong odor liquid from its anal glands when threatened. They are scavengers with a diverse appetite and will eat everything from berries to dead carcasses.

Problems Caused:

  • Carriers of Rabies
  • Carry Ticks, Mites and Fleas
  • Destruction of lawns, gardens, shrubs and trees due do to tunneling and burrowing
  • Disrupt trash cans and garbage
  • Occasionally will get into garages looking for food
  • Will spray common domestic pets with internal spray that consists of a horrendous odor

Keep Skunks Out & Away with Natural Armor™ The All-Natural Animal Repellent.

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