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Keep Squirrels Out & Away with Natural Armor™ The All-Natural Animal Repellent

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Squirrels (Ground Squirrels, Tree Squirrels and Flying Squirrels)



Estimated US Population: Unofficial Squirrel population: 1.12 billion/2014 US Population Estimate: 298.44 million.

Short Description: Four-legged herbivore, but many will eat insects and even small animals. They are mouse-like, wild small and medium-size rodents. There are over 200 species of squirrel throughout the world.

Problems Caused:

  • Fire Hazard - Chew wiring which can cause a major fire
  • Can carry serious infections such as Rabies & Lyme’s Disease. Pose other threats including fleas and ticks, and Tetanus
  • Damage structures and property. They gnaw on all types of materials, including copper, lead, plastic and wood.
  • Disruption to bird feeders.

Keep Squirrels Out & Away with Natural Armor™ The All-Natural Animal Repellent.

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